Continental Kennel Club Racing Crown

Uller of Seppalta

Uller of Seppalta
Seppalta Yanna XLD

The Continental Kennel Club Purebred Crown is a program for measuring purebred teams over a full season of racing. Two classes of racing are considered. They are defined by the number of dogs allowed on a team. There will be a 10- dog and under category and a 10+ dog and over category; therefore, a 10 dog class qualifies for either category, but the same race cannot be counted for both categories.

A TEAM qualifies provided:

(1) It includes at least one arctic purebred, where an arctic purebred is defined to be a dog registered in an arctic purebred class of a major registry. Major registries include the Continental, American and Canadian Kennel Clubs and their overseas counterparts.

(2) The team owner is either
(a) a member of a Continental Kennel Club breed or performance club, or
(b) submits a team profile and a registration fee of $10 to ISSSC, 5436 Highway 83, Seeley Lake, MT 59868, USA. (In case(b), only races after reception of fee and profile will be counted.)

A RACE qualifies provided:

(1) It is open to all arctic purebred teams as defined above.
(2) It is advertized or presented globally.
(3) It has at least 5 entries, where an entry is defined to be a team that completes the total trail distance for that race.
(4) It has a trail that is at least 10 miles per heat.

POINTS will be awarded as follows:

(1) 4 points for winning the race;
(2) 3 points for being within 105% of winner's time, but not winning the race;
(3) 2 points for being within 110% of winner's time, but not being within 105%;
(4) 1 point for being within 120% of winner's time, but not being within 110%;
(5) 1 point for each Crown team beaten;
(6) In a multiple heat (stage) race, one-third of the points won in (1)-(5) for each additional heat (stage), up to a maximum of (1)-(5);
(7) In a continuous race, one-third of the points won in (1)-(5) for each additional 50-mile trail increment after the first 50 miles, up to a maximum of (1)-(5).
(8) Points awarded to a team not containing all purebreds will be reduced by multiplying their total points as computed above for a given race by the fraction of the team that is purebred.
(9) Only a team's top 4 races will be counted in the final compilation.

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