ISSSC Information and Contacts

The International Seppala Siberian Sleddog Club (ISSSC) has individual associate membership for $10 per year and kennel membership for $20 per year. Associate memberships are open to any interested party. Kennel membership requires the following:

(a) Payment of dues;
(b) Ownership of 1 registered purebred Seppala Siberian Sleddog;
(c) Breeding 1 purebred Seppala Siberian Sleddog litter;
(d) Racing in 3 creditable races;
(e) Subscribing to the Club Code of Ethics.
Kennel memberships are given 2 votes in elections and are limited to 1 Board member.

Download Membership Application here WORD or PDF


Item 1. The purpose of the Club is the preservation and promotion of the Seppala Siberian Sleddog as a unique breed, separate and apart from all other breeds. Club members are expected to fully support and uphold this purpose and to work toward the representation of the Seppala Siberian Sleddog as a Seppala Siberian Sleddog, and not by any other breed name.

Item 2. Seppala Siberian Sleddogs should never be bred for cosmetic appeal, coat color, eye color or any other superficiality. Dogs for breeding should be selected on performance ability and adherence to the Breed Standard as set out by the Club. Although not the only test available, it is understood that racing is the contemporary best venue to test and prove a Seppala Siberian Sleddog.

Item 3. Breeding of Seppala Siberian Sleddogs should be always done in the best interest of the Breed as a performance sled dog breed, rather than for just personal or family amusement, puppy sales or personal gain. Improvement of Breed performance and creation of sound, healthy dogs should take precedent in every breeding decision.

Item 4. Club members are expected to work together, to aid new members and beginners, and to cooperate for the common goal of preserving and improving the Breed. Critical accusations directed toward members, dogs, kennels or behavior are not in the best interest of the Breed or Club, and are to be avoided. All Club grievances will be immediately brought to a Club official and will not be proliferated among the membership or general public.


The membership year is from September 1 to August 31, inclusive. Memberships (dues) received after August 31st and before May 1st shall apply to the year paid, and membership shall begin on the day payment of dues is received.

Voting Memberships (dues) received May 1st or afterwards, but before September 1st, shall apply to the succeeding year beginning that September 1st, with the applicant granted an associate membership for the remainder of the year of payment.

Prospective new members should send the required information and dues to a Board Member or TO ISSSC Treasurer:

Tabetha Berge
PO Box 992
Glenrock, Wyoming 82637 USA


The governing body of the ISSSC is a Board of Directors consisting of 4 voting members of which 3 will be from North America and 1 will be from Europe. An elected term is for 6 years, each year beginning on September 1 and ending on August 31.

Terms of the North American Directors will be staggered so that an election will occur every two years. Nominations must be submitted to the Secretary in the month of May of the year of the election, and must have the support of at least 3 voting members. If only 1 nomination is received, that person will be declared elected. If more than 1 nomination is made, then an election by mailed ballot to all voting members will proceed in the first week of June. To be elected, a candidate must receive a majority of the votes cast. If no candidate receives a majority, then a second election will be held. Any candidate who did not receive enough votes in the first election so that the sum of his votes and the votes of all candidates receiving fewer votes is insufficient to be second in the standings will be removed from the second election. This procedure will continue until there is an election in which a candidate receives a majority. The election process is to be finished by September 1st of the year of the election, and the balloting process for each election will be no longer than 3 weeks duration. If a Director vacates before his term expires, then the remaining Directors will appoint a voting member to serve the remainder of the vacated term. Elections for Directors will occur on even numbered years.

The Board of Directors will be responsible for all actions of the ISSSC. Each Board will determine its methodology of operation. Actions will be decided by a plurality of the votes cast. Votes must be publicized if requested by a Club voting member. The Board may poll members. All voting members at that time will qualify to participate. Poll outcomes will become Club policy only if so stipulated by the Board prior to the poll. Current Directors and term ending dates are the following:

Tabetha Berge USA - 2012
P.O.Box 992
Glenrock, Wyoming 82637
John Coyne UK- 2008
Tilquhillie Castle
Banchory Kincardineshire
Lanette Kimball USA - 2010
311 Poverty Flat Rd
Pegram, Idaho 83254
Vancant Position - USA